Your Team: Mentors, Staff, Colleagues, and Mentees

  • Megan A. Moreno
  • Rachel Katzenellenbogen


In this chapter we will focus on your team, representing the most immediate connected circle of your socioecological model (SEM). Chapter “ The Framework for this Book: The Socioecological Model” defined the SEM model, and chapter “ You as a Scientist” considered your role as an individual scientist within that model. In this chapter, we will consider your innermost circle, or your WomenRockScience team. We will consider your team to be the people who work in your immediate or virtual vicinity, either in your research group or directly supporting your research group in real-time or online. Your team includes your mentoring/oversight team (people who oversee your work), research team (people who you oversee), collaborators (people with you such as peers), and colleagues (your network). Within the SEM, these folks have a direct effect on your research career and how much you can rock your science.


Mentor Mentee Advising Coaching Advocating Role model Team culture and values Professional ethics 

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  • Megan A. Moreno
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