You as a Scientist

  • Megan A. Moreno
  • Rachel Katzenellenbogen


In this chapter we will approach three broad topics: your passion, your values, and your work style. As described in chapter “ The Framework for this Book: The Socioecological Model,” these topics are part of the innermost circle of the socioecological model, which is the individual (YOU, baby!). Each of these aspects of who you are is interlinked and affects your research career. Each requires you to focus on yourself to best understand what and how you want to lead your career as a scientist. In each section we will ask you to reflect and define what your passions, values, and work style are or will be. These are topics you will return to throughout your career, to reaffirm or strengthen and to modify or redirect. Consistent periodic self-reflection will best allow you to move forward in your career and really rock science to its core.


Passion Values Strength Time management Self-care Long-term goals Mission statement Academic development plan 

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