Construction and Practice on Energy Flow Network of New Generation Recyclable Iron and Steel Manufacturing Process

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Shougang Jingtang iron and steel plant is a new generation recyclable iron and steel plant designed according to the concept and principle of circular economy. The steel plant is provided with the comprehensive functions of high quality steel product manufacture, high-efficiency energy conversion and waste disposal. In order to realize the cooperation and high efficiency of iron and steel manufacturing process, a full process energy flow network with carbon flow as the core is designed and constructed to realize energy high efficiency conversion and low carbon green manufacturing. Since Jingtang steel plant was put into production, the efficiency of energy conversion has been continuously improved, and remarkable results have been obtained in high-efficiency energy utilization and high value conversion. The emission of CO2 and pollutants has been greatly reduced, and cleaning production and low-carbon metallurgy have been realized.


Iron and steel Energy saving Energy flow network Emission control Circular economy 


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