Sintering Test Research of High Proportion Limonite

  • Qiang Zhao
  • Jilai XueEmail author
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The limonite was from Australia, the Fe grade was 56.09%, the grade was up to about 61.88% after ignition, the SiO2 content was 5.62%, Al2O3 content was 3.87%, the gangue content was a little high, the harmful element S,P and alkali metal was low, the main metallic minerals are haematite and limonite, pyrolusite and pyrite is little; for gangue minerals, quartz is in majority, followed by kaolinite. The proportion of limonite was high up to 30% for sintering, through rational combination with other iron ore and process parameter optimization, the sintering was qualified for blast furnace.


Limonite Sintering Metallurgical performance 


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