Genetic Manipulation and Human Genome in the Colombian Legal System. An Analysis from Biolaw

  • Laura Victoria PuentesEmail author
Part of the International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine book series (LIME, volume 78)


In this chapter, the author asserts that although Colombian constitutional case law has developed an interesting conceptual plattform to guarantee the protection of personal data, that is still insufficient to regulate other genetic practices. By describing the main elements of the regulation of genetic manipulation and human genome issues in Colombia, Puentes shows, from the perspective of biolaw, the necessity to recategorize concepts of traditional law, which must be rethought, reinterpreted, and redefined to extend epistemological and hermeneutical aspects of other branches of law, such as civil, constitutional, administrative and criminal law, among others, to engender a more effective and updated regulation of biomedical practices in Colombia.


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