A Comparison of ICS Datasets for Security Research Based on Attack Paths

  • Seungoh ChoiEmail author
  • Jeong-Han Yun
  • Sin-Kyu Kim
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Industrial control systems (ICSs) are widely deployed in various domains of critical infrastructure. In recent years, security threats targeting an ICS are increasing. However, developing or verifying security technology at actual operation sites is quite difficult due to constraints that must be in place for non-disruptive operation and high availability of the control system. In addition, there is also a limit in obtaining datasets for security research. To overcome these limitations, several experimental studies have been conducted to build an ICS testbed for an experimental environment. Based on the testbed, datasets have been captured and released publicly. To properly apply datasets to fulfill the research objectives, the datasets should be analyzed in advance, because each dataset has different characteristics based on domains and security concerns. In this paper, we introduce the results of comparative analysis of various ICS datasets focusing on attack scenarios and discuss considerations of applying datasets to an ICS security research. It is expected that our results will help further researchers deal with datasets for their individual purposes.


Security Dataset Attack path Industrial control system 


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