Supply Chain Management a Help Tool Decision and These Impacts on the Transport and Safety of Merchandises in Algeria: Case of National Company of Industrial Vehicles

  • Billal SoulmanaEmail author
  • Salim Boukebbab
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Any company whatever their field of activity seeks to improve its situation, this is true when applying the right method, today forecasting method is a necessity for most companies. Forecasting is an essential element in the logistics chain because makes it possible to determine the quantity of stock needed, the material to be purchased, the quantity to be produced. To this end, we proposed the method of Box and Jenkins in order to predict the sales of the year 2017 for the company SNVI-CIR with appropriate forecasting models. Thus, the models we have chosen have improved the quality of forecasts compared to those used by the company.


Supply chain Forecast Sales Time series Box and jenkins ARIMA 


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  1. 1.Laboratoire Ingénierie des Transports Campus Universitaire ZarzaraConstantineAlgeria

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