Security Mechanisms for 6LoWPAN Network in Context of Internet of Things: A Survey

  • Yamina BenslimaneEmail author
  • Khelifa Benahmed
  • Hassane Benslimane
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 62)


With the emergence of internet of things (IoT), the physical object belonging to our daily activity and to different domain as: home automation, industrial automation, monitoring environment and health care may be interacted and benefited from the world of internet. Thus, this communication provides several data that are circulate in the different networks as IPv6 network or the 6LoWPAN network. Since the 6LoWPAN network is the fundamental part of IoT, its security is challenge domain whether for the end-to-end security when the data are sent to the server outside the network or for the internal security with the intrusion detection system. In this paper, we present a survey about the proposed researches for the 6LoWPAN network security whether for inside or outside communication of network. The analysis of these proposed security mechanisms in the literature is discussed based on a taxonomy focusing on the following attributes: the selected internet security protocols as DTLS, HIP and IKE for the end-to-end security (out-side the 6LoWPAN network) and the attack detected as routing attack, DDoS attack,…etc. for the intrusion detection system (inside the 6LoWPAN network). We also give the Evaluation of these security mechanisms for 6LoWPAN network in term of different metrics. The aim of this work is to identify leading trends, open issues, and future research possibilities.


Internet of things 6LoWPAN network Internet security protocols End-to-end security Intrusion detection system 


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  • Khelifa Benahmed
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  • Hassane Benslimane
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  2. 2.Exact Sciences DepartmentTahri Mohamed UniversityBecharAlgeria

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