Tuberculous Spondylodiscitis

  • Ayse Batirel


“Tuberculous spondylodiscitis (TS)”/“spinal tuberculosis (ST)” and “Pott’s disease” are synonyms which refer to the infection of the vertebral bones by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Musculoskeletal TB accounts for approximately 10% of extrapulmonary TB cases and 1–5% of all TB cases. ST is the most common form of skeletal TB and is endemic in most of the developing countries. It is still an ongoing cause of mortality and morbidity in the twenty-first century despite advances in diagnostic methods and treatment. Because delayed diagnosis and treatment due to its indolent course result in permanent sequelae such as deformities and neurological deficits, prompt diagnosis is required to start appropriate therapy on time to prevent permanent sequelae development. Therefore, a high index of suspicion of ST based on epidemiological, past medical and/or contact history, clinical clues, and characteristic imaging findings is of paramount importance in earlier diagnosis.


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I would like to thank to Prof. Dr. Sinan Cakirer from Department of Radiodiagnostics in University of Health Sciences Kartal Dr.Lutfi Kirdar Education and Research Hospital and Assist. Prof. Dr. M. Erdem Yildiz from Department of Radiodiagnostics in Acıbadem University Altunizade Hospital for their contribution in explanations of MRI scan figures of Pott’s disease used in this chapter.


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