(Latinx) Literature’s Work: Between Being and Becoming, Product and Practice

Part of the Literatures of the Americas book series (LOA)


This final section concludes the larger discussion by returning to a combined focus on the articulation of the paired concepts of latinidad and literature to argue finally for a critical recalibration of Latinx literary criticism’s inter-implicated and more than simultaneous commitments to both. It uses work by Horacio Legrás and Jean-Marie Schaeffer to trace the return of critical interest in the complex material, practical, laborious ontology of the literary, in the wake of but not necessarily in opposition to deconstruction, to model an alternative critical methodology for Latinx literary studies. The section closes by turning briefly to a story by Junot Díaz to demonstrate how this methodology might already be in performative practice in the literary work itself.


Literary education Literary studies Literary practice Ontology Work Labor Materiality 

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