Uprooting Demons of the Past

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This chapter argues that the contemporary global crisis can certainly be compared and contrasted with the periods to the early Cold War period, but it is closer to a mix of periods before both World War I and World War II. In essence, US/NATO/ European support for German unification may not have sparked global war as had been feared during the Cold War, but US/NATO/European support for Ukraine to regain full control over eastern Ukraine and Crimea could provoke war—or at least press Russia into an even closer alliance with China, while engaging in a new arms race. The present geostrategic and political-economic conflict in the Black Sea region can also be compared and contrasted with French claims to regain Alsace-Lorraine after the Imperial German annexation of that province in 1871 the pre-World War I period. The present crisis can likewise be compared and contrasted with Polish demands for a creation of an “Intermarium” group of states versus Soviet Russia in the interwar period. In the Asia-Pacific, Sino-Japanese-Korean conflict is best compared and contrasted with the late nineteenth-century conflicts in the Asia-Pacific that led to the 1894–1895 Sino-Japanese war more so than the conflicts in Asia that led to Japanese imperialism.

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