Byzantine “Republicanism”: Attaleiates’ Politics of Accommodation and Self-Interest

  • Dimitris Krallis
Part of the New Approaches to Byzantine History and Culture book series (NABHC)


In works, he dedicated to Emperors Michael Doukas and Nikephoros Botaneiates, one legal the other historical, Attaleiates emerges as a political thinker who respects emperors dedicated to the people. In turn, the people, as presented by the judge, are a far cry from the mindless rabble we see in the work of other historians. They are active political agents with a mind of their own and a stake in Romanía’s politics. In recent years, scholars have studied this peculiar form of Byzantine republicanism as an integral aspect of Byzantine politics. With Attaleiates, a focus on popular political agency is both an aspect of Byzantine political ideology and an expression of a politics of self-interest that satisfied his quest for prominence in the Constantinopolitan political scene.

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  • Dimitris Krallis
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