A Visual Content Analysis of Thai Government’s Census Infographics

  • Somsak SriborisutsakulEmail author
  • Sorakom Dissamana
  • Saowapha Limwichitr
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11279)


This paper reports an approach to visual content analysis and findings of the initial phase of developing the coding sheet for analyzing government infographics in Thailand. It sought to examine story topics and visual displays appeared in census infographics at the outset. All 108 infographics from the National Statistical Office (NSO) website were chosen to be studied. There were two expert coders responsible for a pilot coding. The first expert was designated to analyze the contents, and another coder was assigned to identify narrative visualization used in the census infographics. Overall, the preliminary findings reveal that the NSO focused on the creation of static infographics in which their contents, together with the static visuals, represented census data in a single page. Although the NSO static infographics were the most common format found for its visual communication, further studies are required to examine different kinds of infographics generated by other Thai government agencies dealing with varied information other than census data.


Infographics Visual communication Census data 


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