Digital Preservation Effort of Manuscripts Collection: Case Studies of as Indonesia Heritage Digital Library

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The glorious past of Indonesia culture and histories lies in the ancient manuscripts and inscriptions. Cultural heritages include rich information related social, historical and cultural. The Manuscripts & inscriptions collection are consist of various region letter with language, containing various thinking, erudition, customs and tradition with past society behavior that being nation asset value. Affected by climate, environmental and other factors, some valuable heritage information is threatened through destruction or disappearance and some is still not utilized. The development of information of technology has shown its significant role in large and fast digitization and publication. Digitization process result can store information in digital format therefore prolonging the life of the heritage items. Drafts temporary this is new get attention from certain person or group of research, especially philologist, librarians, students and public interest. has initiated as one of the places to give library service and information to preserve nation culture work result for public digital access.

This article will discuss about how to collect, digitization process, storage, and online publication of manuscripts, and other cultural object in formatting of digital.


Digitization Digital preservation Manuscripts Inscriptions Cultural heritage 


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