Smart Cities & IoT: Evolution of Applications, Architectures & Technologies, Present Scenarios & Future Dream

  • Krishnan SaravananEmail author
  • E. Golden Julie
  • Y. Harold Robinson
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Smart cities plays vital role in the growth of the nation. Most of the countries already contribute huge investment in the implementation of smart cities, which emphasizes its importance. Smart City is a common notation for many sectors such as healthcare, education, transport, water, energy, communication, security & safety, citizen services and so on. All these sectors should adapt and equip with modern technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and big data. Evolution of smart cities is majorly depending with these key enabling technologies. Hence, it is necessary to explore the different aspects of smart cities with IoT in the past, present and future. In this chapter, we analyzed and presented the smart cities evolution, architectures, applications, technologies, standards and challenges in detail. It helps the reader to understand the coherence of smart cities development using IoT.


Smart IoT Smart cities Smart IoT architectures IoT applications Urban IoT 


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