Internet of Things Enabled Robot Based Smart Room Automation and Localization System

  • Rajesh SinghEmail author
  • Gehlot Anita
  • Shiv Capoor
  • Geeta Rana
  • Ravindra Sharma
  • Shivani Agarwal
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This chapter explores the application of smart automation and social robots in the hospitality and tourism industry. There has been much advancement in the field of social robotics but we still observe that the research on incorporating robots in the tourism and hospitality industry has been fairly limited. This paper aims at partially filling this gap. This chapter looks especially at automation of service in restaurants and hotels, amusement parks, theme parks, airports, car rentals, travel agencies, tourist information booths and art galleries and museums. The chapter explores the difficulties that are posed by implementation of service automation and social robotics to assist tourists. The basic idea behind wall climbing robots is that the vacuum can be generated inside a suction cup at the bottom of the robot chassis, which is used to create a grip on the wall on which the robot is to climb. Wall climbing robots are beneficial to a home automation system as this can enable the robot to not interfere with any human activity in the room. This also reduces the chance of collision with any human or objects in the environment and also avoids any hindrance to human activity in the room in which the robot has been deployed.


Robot Smart room Automation IoT 


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