The History, Present and Future with IoT

  • Neha SharmaEmail author
  • Madhavi Shamkuwar
  • Inderjit Singh
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 154)


Human beings quest for making comfortable life is due to their inquisitiveness about technical arena. Over the last few decades, mankind had experienced technical transformational journey with the inventions of new technology frontiers. These frontiers have interacted with human beings and performed every possible work in shorter period of time and with a much greater accuracy. With the advent of ‘Smart Concepts’, the world is now becoming more connected. Precisely termed as hyper-connected world. The smart concepts includes smart phones, smart devices, smart applications and smart cities. These smarter concepts forms an ecosystem of devices whose basic work is to connect various devices to send and receive data. Internet of Things is one the dominating technology that keeps eye on the connected smart devices. Internet of Things has bought applications from fiction to fact enabling fourth industrial revolution. It has laid an incredible impact on the technical, social, economic and on the lives of human and machines. Scientists claim that the potential benefit derived from this technology will sprout a foreseeable future where the smart objects sense, think and act. Internet of Things is the trending technology and embodies various concepts such as fog computing, edge computing, communication protocols, electronic devices, sensors, geo-location etc. The chapter presents the comprehensive information about the evolution of Internet of Things, its present developments to its futuristic applications.


Internet of things IoT history IoT evolution IoT definition IoT trends Sensors Communication model IoT architecture IoT technologies IoT applications Future of IoT IoT Fog computing Edge computing 


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