Reciprocal Implications Between Design and Construction Process of Timber Gridshell

  • Sergio PoneEmail author
  • Daniele Lancia
  • Davide Rando
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 24)


This contribution focuses on the latest acquisitions of the research group on active-bent timber gridshells. In particular, the main topic is related to the development of a new information technology design tool (GFFT 2.0) developed by Davide Rando for his Master’s thesis in Architecture in January 2018 under the supervision of Sergio Pone and Daniele Lancia; this design tool is a new version of the previous one developed in 2012 by Daniele Lancia and Andrea Fiore for their Master’s Degree thesis called GFFT (Gridshell Form Finding Tool) (Pone et al. in Beyond the limits of man, Wroclaw, Poland, 2013). We will also describe the two latest projects to which we have committed ourselves since 2016 up to today. We will also illustrate how the creation of the new IT tool was based on previous experiences that have influenced subsequent projects (Pone 2017).


Wood design Parametric design and fabrication strategies Active bending in timber structures Complex timber structures Wood complex surface 


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  1. 1.Department of Architecture (DiArc)University of Naples Federico IINaplesItaly
  2. 2.Gridshell.itNaples, NAItaly

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