Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage: 3D Representation of Complex Wooden Structures

  • Caterina GottardiEmail author
  • Caterina Balletti
  • Simone Florian
  • Francesco Guerra
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 24)


In line with the growing demand of digital documentation in the field of Cultural Heritage, nowadays survey technologies allow an immediate reading of a whole system directly in a 3D environment. The Photogrammetry Laboratory at the Iuav University of Venice had often dealt with surveying and documenting complex wooden structures. In this work, we will present the methodology used to acquire two different types of structures with an in-depth analysis of two Venetian study cases: the SS. Giovanni e Paolo’s wooden dome and the Magazzini del Sale’s trusses, starting from a previous work in the Ducal Palace. The purpose of this research was to analyse the shape and the geometry of these structures: because of their complexity, a laser scanning survey, with the support of more traditional methods, seemed to be the best way to analyse them and to obtain the information directly in a 3D environment. The final aim was not only the creation of 3D models, useful for studying the spatial complexity, but also the identification of an operational procedure for such particular constructive techniques. This paper analyses the issues concerning the survey processes and it illustrates the solutions chosen to overcome them.


3D modelling Complex architecture Survey Laser scanning Cultural heritage 



The authors would like to thank Francesco Gerbaudi and Matteo Berto for their co-operation in the researches, respectively, of the wooden trusses of Ducal Palace and of SS. Giovanni e Paolo’s dome.


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  • Caterina Gottardi
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    Email author
  • Caterina Balletti
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  • Simone Florian
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  • Francesco Guerra
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  1. 1.Photogrammetric Laboratory, Laboratory SystemIuav University of VeniceVeniceItaly

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