Lesbian Aging Hits the Road: Thom Fitzgerald’s Cloudburst (2011)



This chapter focuses on the portrayal of lesbian aging in Thom Fitzgerald’s Cloudburst (2011). Hess discusses the film’s use of the road movie genre as the framework within which it negotiates themes of physical decline, caregiving, kinship systems, and same-sex marriage. Roberta Maierhofer’s image of the “salty old woman” serves to consider the film’s play with stereotypical representation, because it challenges the audience to question images of the aging female body as repulsive. Reading the film’s controversial ending, which problematically recalls the trope of the tragic queer, against the grain, the author explores the film’s ambivalence toward the heteronormative values of marriage, longevity, and consanguine kinship, even as these ideals become more attainable for LGBTQ persons and invite participation in the linear life course.


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