Runtime and Memory Evaluation of Data Race Detection Tools

  • Pei-Hung LinEmail author
  • Chunhua Liao
  • Markus Schordan
  • Ian Karlin
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11245)


An analysis tool’s usefulness depends on whether its runtime and memory consumption remain within reasonable bounds for a given program. In this paper we present an evaluation of the memory consumption and runtime of four data race detection tools: Archer, ThreadSanitizer, Helgrind, and Intel Inspector, using DataRaceBench version 1.1.1 using 79 microbenchmarks. Our evaluation consists of four different analyses: (1) runtime and memory consumption of the four data race detection tools using all DataRaceBench microbenchmarks, (2) comparison of the analysis techniques implemented in the evaluated tools, (3) for selected benchmarks an in-depth analysis of runtime behavior with CPU profiler and the identified differences, (4) data analysis to investigate correlations within collected data. We also show the effectiveness of the tools using three quantitative metrics: precision, recall, and accuracy.


Data race detection DataRaceBench Evaluation Benchmark 


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  • Markus Schordan
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  • Ian Karlin
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