Filter Banks as Proposal in Electrical Motors Fault Discrimination

  • Jhonattan Bulla
  • Alvaro David Orjuela-CañónEmail author
  • Oscar D. Flórez
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 833)


Studies related with the induction motor bearings fault detection have been used digital signal processing and pattern recognition techniques. However, performance of these approaches depends on the use of correct features. This paper deals an analysis of the use of filter banks with uniform and nonuniform frequency subbands to features extraction from vibration signals. Discrimination was developed by an artificial neural network with feedforward connections. Results identifies that the employment of filter banks improve the accuracy in 23% for six considered classes related with faults in bearings.


Induction motor Bearing faults Filter bank Artificial neural networks Feature extraction 



Authors thank the Universidad Antonio Nariño under project 2017211 and code PI/UAN-2018-628GIBIO. Also, Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas contributed with the support and financial assistance in this work.


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  1. 1.Universidad Antonio NariñoBogotá D.C.Colombia
  2. 2.Universidad Distrital Francisco José de CaldasBogotáColombia

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