The Role of ICT in Energy Sector: Towards a Digital Bangladesh by 2021

ICT Can Play a Very Crucial Role in Attaining Energy Efficiency in Both Developing and Developed Countries
  • Sakib Bin AminEmail author
  • Saanjaana Rahman


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can play a major role in mitigating different challenges of the energy and environmental sectors faced by many countries of the world. For example, ICT helps both the developed and developing countries to face many challenges associated with climate change, waste management, energy scarcity and loss of biodiversity. For the future energy security in Bangladesh, the government needs to ensure that the influence of ICT on the energy sector is maximised along with the other energy policies. United Nations has listed 12 ICT-based innovations for the potential impact of ICT in the energy sector and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Bangladesh should consider all these innovations in the energy policy. The young people in Bangladesh are very much enthusiastic about the ICT, and government should capitalise it by providing stable power and electricity in ICT applications such as grid management, load analysis, sensors for remote measuring, chips and controllers for monitoring, smart meters and automated dispatch software.


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