Role of FDI in Energy Market in Bangladesh

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Is Essential for Bangladesh Energy Sector to Maximise the Electricity Generation Tapping the Different Types of Energy
  • Sakib Bin AminEmail author
  • Saanjaana Rahman


The contribution of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the energy sector would mean that the energy sector would now have more financial support to overcome energy crisis. The role of FDI is also very crucial for the renewable energy development in Bangladesh, especially in rural areas to realise SDG 7’s “affordable and clean energy” goal. FDI in the power sector can also promote exports, hence plummeting the scale of imports of energy and oil from countries. The government’s shortage of the funds and ability to make power grids and to increase the capacity of electricity creates room for more FDI to be availed. Thus, more attention from FDI can be acquired for the betterment of the energy sector in Bangladesh.


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