Bioenergy: The Hope that Is After Gas

Bioenergy as a Source of Clean, Renewable Energy Can Help Bangladesh Achieving Resource Sustainability, Energy Security and Higher Economic Growth
  • Sakib Bin AminEmail author
  • Saanjaana Rahman


The incompetence to match respective demand for energy is a common characteristic found in all developing and emerging nations around the globe. For instance, use of traditional indigenous energy resources in Bangladesh is inadequate in ensuring energy sufficiency across the country. Traditionally, developing and emerging economies have endeavoured in employing biofuels such as wood and cow dung cakes for energy. However, putting these and other non-renewable energy sources into use have created further adversities in the form of environmental degradation and health hazards. Bioenergy in the form of biofuels can resolve these issues making it an ideal sustainable renewable energy source for Bangladesh which would also be both eco-friendly and healthy. Bioenergy can relieve the financial burdens of the nation arising from oil imports by the QR companies to generate power which in turn would ensure more significant investments in relatively more productive sectors spawning higher rates of economic growth. Bioenergy will be able to provide energy security, with the availability of sufficient energy supplies at affordable prices, by focusing on the supply side of the energy domain.


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