The Environment-Friendly Use of Coal in Bangladesh

Clean Coal Can Mitigate the Energy Crisis in Bangladesh and Shape the Future Energy Market
  • Sakib Bin AminEmail author
  • Saanjaana Rahman


One of the best options for Bangladesh to generate electricity is to shift its dependency to coal. A coal-fired power plant can not only make Bangladesh lose its dependency on natural gas but also fuel Bangladesh‘s economy to a great extent. Since, coal is the cheapest primary energy and high-quality coal is abundant in Bangladesh, domestic coal development is essential in Bangladesh. However, implementation of public sector coal-fired mega power plant projects in Matarbari, Rampal and Payra has been progressing slowly. Moreover, numerous people came out to the streets, requesting the power plant to be relocated, as they believe that the Sundarbans is in danger. But due to technological advancement, the adverse effects of burning coal can be reduced at a minimum level and a stable amount of electricity can be produced from the coal power plant in Bangladesh.


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