Solar Water Heater, an Alternative Eco-friendly Technology

Solar Water Heater, a Clean Energy Technology Can Be Used to Heat Water in Bangladesh
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  • Saanjaana Rahman


A solar water heating (SWH) system is a device that makes the available thermal energy of the incident solar radiation for use in various water heating applications. Solar energy can be used in several ways to heat water for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. Solar hot water with affordable pricing could be a sustainable solution for the households in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s geographical location and climate make it have an enormous potential for harnessing solar power. However, Bangladesh is still lagging behind adopting the solar water heater even though many benefits come with it. The solar water heater is still an unknown phenomenon for most of the citizens, and Bangladesh has no strong policy regarding solar water heater. There is no doubt that lots of factors have always constrained the journey towards non-renewable to renewable. But, to tackle those barriers, a long-term strategic plan has to be developed to promote water heater in Bangladesh. The plan should aim to implement capacity building, awareness, research and development of manufacturing programmes with planned policy and regulatory control for quality control of the systems.


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