HaBEEtat: Integrated Cloud-Based Solution for More Efficient Honey Production and Improve Well-Being of Bee’s Population

  • Semir ŠakanovićEmail author
  • Jasmin Kevrić
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 59)


Up to now, primary way of producing honey relied heavily on the experience and “gut feeling” of the individual beekeepers, who are utilizing traditional agricultural methods of placing the hives at locations that are predicted to be suitable for higher honey gain by visually inspecting the hives. HaBEEtat mission is to enable more efficient honey production and improve the well-being of bees by creating first integrated online platform for beekeepers, combing the hardware component enabling real time monitoring of the beehives and data analysis. The platform is composed of the hardware component containing sensors that is inserted in the beehive, accompanying web-page and smartphone application and cloud based storage for the database. Utilizing our technology, users have the opportunity to move away from the traditional model of beekeeping and transform themselves into IT enabled – data driven methods of beekeeping. This is in line with our desired outcome, which is to bring the beekeeping to the next generation (millennials) who are primarily influenced by the technological trends in the world, and make it more appealing for them thus enabling beekeeping to survive.


HaBEEtat Bees Data Analysis Beekeeping Platform 


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