Fault Identification in Electrical Power Distribution System – Case Study of the Middle Bosnia Medium Voltage Grid

  • Jasmina ČučukovićEmail author
  • Faruk Hidić
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 59)


Power system fault localization is immensely important factor towards faster fault removal and quick comeback to function with minimal disruptions. Thus, it can be achieved less electric power equipment straining and better customer satisfaction. Power lines are one of the most important components in every power system. Overhead lines are exposed to environmental influence and their possibility of failure is much higher compared to other system components. The period of time needed for locating the fault significantly affects the electrical power quality. This study presents some of the practical experiences of fault locating, based on fault information from Disturbance Recorder and the PowerCAD fault calculation, used in lack of sophisticated tools and module for locating the faults, in some parts of electric power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, real MV distributive systems of Maglaj Municipality (System 1) and Olovo Municipality (System 2). The results of fault analysis for mentioned areas show that this way faults can be located with high accuracy, in order to take quick and effective actions of their removing and re-establish normal power supply.


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