Emerging Climate Business in South Asia

  • Soumyananda Dinda
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This chapter analyses empirically the trade flow between countries and estimates correctly bilateral trade flows in South Asia. The total estimated potential export of CFGT in South Asia was nearly $15.5 billion USD in 2008. South Asian countries could increase their potential export of CFGT around $ 644.15 million USD in 2008. In terms of trade opportunity in 2008, India did better compare to other countries in South Asia. Yet, India could increase trade of $57.38 million USD within South Asia region. Pakistan ($375.56 million USD) was at the top followed by Sri Lanka ($211.2 million USD). India has captured CFGT market in South Asia and has emerged as an economic power in the region.


CFGT Clean coal technology Energy efficient technology Wind energy Solar photovoltaic system Other code Gravity model Potential trade opportunity Export Import GDP GDP per capita Distance Trade gap India South Asia 


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