Regional Orientation Index

  • Soumyananda Dinda
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This chapter finds out regional orientation index for regional trade blocks within Asia and indicates regional bias for CFGT having a value greater than one. It shows that most of countries in the ASEAN and APTA were importing from countries within Asia. The APTA was better in terms of EEL export. The ASEAN as a group has regional bias towards its own region for all codes except SPVS in 2002 and 2008. The APTA as a group has regional bias for OC and CCT in 2008. The SAARC as a group has regional bias for EEL in both years and CCT in 2008. India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka prefer to trade in CFGT regionally. Asia is biased for OC in 2002 and 2008 and CCT in 2008.


Regional orientation index Michelaye index Competitiveness index RCA CFGT CCT EEL WE SPVS OC SAARC ASEAN APTA Emerging market Asia China India Japan Pakistan Sri Lanka Singapore 

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