• Hafidh AlriyamiEmail author
  • Mohammed Alkharusi
  • Hamed Almuhrzi
Part of the Sports Economics, Management and Policy book series (SEMP, volume 15)


This chapter discusses sports volunteering in Oman and focuses on volunteering at the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010 as a case study. The 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010 is the largest sports event ever held in Oman and attracted the largest number of volunteers among Oman’s sports events with 3,500 volunteers. This discusses how sports volunteering is not very popular in Oman compared with social and religious volunteering. There is no database for sports volunteering in Oman. Omanis have different motives to become involved in volunteering at the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010, such as self-development, passion for the games, commitment as a citizen, nationalistic pride, and networking. The lack of management expertise is the main obstacle in organizing volunteers. Despite this, most of the Volunteers who are satisfied with their experience and gain personal benefits demonstrate an increased willingness to volunteer for sport events in the future. 


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