Scapholunate Ligament Injury

  • Jonathan Adamthwaite
  • Sina Babazadeh
  • Marc Garcia-EliasEmail author
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In this chapter on scapholunate ligament injury, we first describe wrist anatomy and biomechanics so that the reader can then have an understanding of the pathomechanics of scapholunate dissociation and its classification. We then take the reader through the diagnosis of scapholunate ligament injury including clinical assessment, imaging and other useful investigations. We then explain our algorithmic approach to aid decision-making but emphasise the need to tailor treatment to the individual as these cases are complex and often difficult to manage.


Wrist Scapholunate Instability Injury Kinematics Kinetics Dissociation Interosseous Intercarpal Ligament Scaphoid Lunate Arthroscopy Arthrography Bone-ligament-bone Tenodesis Carpectomy Arthrodesis Four-corner Collapse Degenerative 


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