Design and Evaluation of an Innovative Assisting Device for Improving Blood Circulation in Osteoarthritis

  • Yan-Chun LinEmail author
  • Fong-Gong Wu
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 876)


In this study, an innovative assisting device is proposed to respond to Osteoarthritis (OA) prevention needs of aging society. Due to the modern lifestyle, people lack exercise and obesity problem. The risk of Osteoarthritis is increase recently. OA usually occurs in weight-bearing joints. Joint pain often worsens when more active and eases when resting; although as the disease progresses, may find in pain most or even all of the time. Resolving pain and stiffness brings inconvenience to life and deterioration of body functions to OA patients is essential. This study explores in depth the impact of the physiological cycle of knee osteoarthritis on degeneration. Design a useful adjuvant therapy device, which can effectively improve the regulation of peripheral nerves and blood vessels, thereby increasing the mobility of elderly. Prevention in OA positively impacts health cost and elderly’s quality of life in old age.


Human factors Osteoarthritis prevention Elderly daily life Assisting device Design 


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