Vibration Isolation of Foundation Using Hdpe and Natural Geocells - A Review

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Geocells are three-dimensional, polymeric, honeycomb like structures which are interconnected by joints and are used as confinement of soil, gravel, concrete, etc. Geocell, is one of the types of geosynthetic, that provide all round confinement due to its three dimensional structure. The soil-geocell layers acts as a stiff mat and distribute the vertical loads over a wider area of the soil. In this paper, review on the application and impact of geotextile and geocells as reinforcement in the foundation bed under static and dynamic conditions are presented. The previous studies on performance of both natural and polymer based geosynthetics and geocells are presented in the paper. Based on the detailed literature review this paper lays out identified research gaps and presents future directions for research to explore the potential of geotextiles and geocells made of natural materials, for vibration isolation.


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