Conventional Waveguide-Fed Travelling-Wave Slot Arrays

  • Alan J. Sangster
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While the optimally adjustable and controllable array models presented in Chap.  6 provide credible analysis procedures for fully agile phased arrays, in practice array antennas, in scenarios where compactness and cost effectiveness is a main production criterion, the requirement for multiple sources or complex branching techniques makes this option unattractive. It is much more common to adopt an array geometry, which provides the radiation pattern options described in Chap.  6, but with a single source excitation scheme. For slot antennas, such an approach is furnished by the travelling wave feed system. Again for slots travelling wave antennas are mainly implemented in waveguide, but systems based on stripline, microstrip and coplanar waveguide are also possible. In this chapter since slot radiation systems represent our primary interest the focus is directed toward the rectangular waveguide travelling wave excitation scheme, while acknowledging the alternative feed arrangements that exist. Novel compact planar array examples, aimed at meeting the requirements of evolving millimetre wave applications, are also examined.


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