Moment Method Models of Compact Slot Antennas

  • Alan J. Sangster
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It is, perhaps, not too surprising that, in our now highly computer driven world, a wide range of antenna geometries have been modelled using the moment method and reported in the literature, including a wide variety of compact slot antenna formats which are the focus of this book. In this chapter we replicate and embellish a moment method simulation of a now classical compact slot radiator. It comprises a rectangular waveguide fed slot located in a non-zero thickness broad wall, and is presumed to radiate into a half-space. This choice presents the reader with a complete and comprehensive insight into the application of the moment method to an antenna problem which is not untypical of the compact examples commonly found in mobile devices and systems. The difference between the chosen model and practice generally lies with the feed arrangements. For optimum compactness these seldom involve waveguide but can range from coaxial line, to stripline, to microstrip line, to coplanar waveguide. However, the waveguide feed presents the simulation software with a fully defined Green’s function which is not necessarily the case for the other examples.


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