Cross-Modal Hamming Hashing

  • Yue Cao
  • Bin Liu
  • Mingsheng LongEmail author
  • Jianmin Wang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11205)


Cross-modal hashing enables similarity retrieval across different content modalities, such as searching relevant images in response to text queries. It provide with the advantages of computation efficiency and retrieval quality for multimedia retrieval. Hamming space retrieval enables efficient constant-time search that returns data items within a given Hamming radius to each query, by hash lookups instead of linear scan. However, Hamming space retrieval is ineffective in existing cross-modal hashing methods, subject to their weak capability of concentrating the relevant items to be within a small Hamming ball, while worse still, the Hamming distances between hash codes from different modalities are inevitably large due to the large heterogeneity across different modalities. This work presents Cross-Modal Hamming Hashing (CMHH), a novel deep cross-modal hashing approach that generates compact and highly concentrated hash codes to enable efficient and effective Hamming space retrieval. The main idea is to penalize significantly on similar cross-modal pairs with Hamming distance larger than the Hamming radius threshold, by designing a pairwise focal loss based on the exponential distribution. Extensive experiments demonstrate that CMHH can generate highly concentrated hash codes and achieve state-of-the-art cross-modal retrieval performance for both hash lookups and linear scan scenarios on three benchmark datasets, NUS-WIDE, MIRFlickr-25K, and IAPR TC-12.


Deep hashing Cross-modal hashing Hamming space retrieval 



This work is supported by National Key R&D Program of China (2016YFB1000701), and National Natural Science Foundation of China (61772299, 61672313, 71690231).


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