A Two Level Hybrid Bees Algorithm for Operating Room Scheduling Problem

  • Lamya Ibrahim AlmaneeaEmail author
  • Manar Ibrahim Hosny
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 858)


In patients’ healthcare, manual planning of operating rooms is very difficult due to having a large number of constraints that the planner should take into consideration. The aim of this paper is to solve the operating room scheduling problem using a hybrid Bees Algorithm. Our focus is to solve a two-level variant of the problem, the Master Surgery Scheduling Problem and the Surgical Case Assignment Problem, where both hospital cost and patient cost are considered. We use a hybrid population based meta-heuristic, namely, a Hybrid BA with Simulated Annealing. The performance of our algorithm is compared against a Tabu Search single solution based method from the literature using the same test data. The experimental results demonstrate the advantages of using our proposed approach.


Operating room scheduling Surgical Case Assignment Problem Meta-heuristics Bees algorithm Simulated annealing 


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