Steady Finite-Amplitude Rayleigh-Bénard-Taylor Convection of Newtonian Nanoliquid in a High-Porosity Medium

  • P. G. SiddheshwarEmail author
  • T. N. Sakshath
Conference paper
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Two-dimensional, steady, finite-amplitude Rayleigh-Bénard-Taylor convection of a Newtonian nanoliquid-saturated porous medium is studied using rigid-rigid isothermal boundary condition. The nanoliquid is assumed to conform to a single-phase description and occupies a loosely packed porous medium. Critical Rayleigh number and Nusselt number as functions of various parameters are analyzed, and this is depicted graphically. A non-zero Taylor number demands a higher temperature difference between the horizontal boundaries compared to that of a zero Taylor number case in order to initiate instability in the system and thus inhibits advection of heat. The isothermal boundaries of the rigid-rigid type do not allow as much heat to pass through as that by the free-free type, and hence we see a reduced heat transfer situation in the former case.


Nanoliquid Rayleigh-Bénard convection Rotation Porous medium Linear Non-linear Stability Single-phase 



One of the authors (TNS) would like to thank the Department of Backward Classes Welfare, Government of Karnataka, for providing fellowship to carry out his research work. The authors would like to thank Bangalore University for their support.


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