Genetic Mapping in Pineapple

  • José Manuel LeitãoEmail author
Part of the Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models book series (PGG, volume 22)


Since the publication in 2004 of the first genetic map of pineapple (Ananas comosus) constructed based on a small F1 population, successively improved versions of genetic map were published integrating data arising from the segregation analysis of a much larger F2 progeny. A final version of the genetic map, already covering 86% of the estimated pineapple genome length and assembling 739 DNA markers one isozyme (PGM) locus and the locus P (piping), was published in 2013. The comparison of the map location of 100 sequenced markers and the actual location of these markers in the published genome sequence show a strong collinearity between both types of data. These results, which attest the accuracy of the genetic map, open the way to the map-based cloning of the locus P (piping) that determines leaf spineless, mapped between the nucleotides 1,177,327 and 1,976,804 of the genome sequence NC_033643.1, in the assembled F153 genome.


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