Passive LCR and Active-RC Filters

  • George S. Moschytz


This chapter forms the bridge between “passive” LCR (inductor-capacitor-resistor) filters and active-RC (resistor-capacitance-gain) filters. Furthermore, it provides the motivation for replacing conventional passive LCR filters by inductorless, equivalent active-RC filter circuits that can be realized as IC (integrated circuit) chips. This means replacing “passive” frequency-filter circuits based on the electromagnetic resonance effect, by “active” frequency-filter circuits based on gain elements, e.g., amplifiers, connected with passive-RC circuits in positive- and/or negative-feedback circuits. “Active” here refers to the gain elements in the circuit that make up for the losses in the passive-RC circuit. (For a circuit theoretical definition of active and passive circuits, see Slide 6.86 in Chap. 6.)

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