Interactive Product Design

  • Xavier Fischer
  • Georges Fadel
  • Yann Ledoux
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The interactive product design is of major economic and strategic importance in the development of new and innovative industrial products and processes. Designers have to deal with new constraints coming from the increasing customer requirements, the new environmental constraints (fuel consumption, emission of dioxide of carbon…), the constant mutation of the product and the continuous needed of specialist employees to drive and realize such products and processes. The research in interactive product design is related to a wide range of various thematic of research and engineering activities embracing high realistic multi-sensorial virtual prototyping. The main objectives are to facilitate, develop and support industrial innovations. The classical approaches supporting design and manufacture phases have to mute. This mutation should enable industrials to develop new techniques to quickly emerge creative ideas, development of effective low cost solution and the creation of technical consensus to market, leading immediately benefits on the economic requirements. Virtuality should be used as early as possible all along the lifecycle of the development of product and associated processes. Since the tools related to the virtuality allow exploring rapidly solution spaces, to accurate study draft solutions into their future environment through a high realistic way and to assess the product efficiency with their future product end-users. Interactive product design and manufacturing methods are implemented in various tools and processes responding to these expectations covering a wide spectrum of multidisciplinary research.


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  • Yann Ledoux
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  3. 3.Bordeaux UniversityFrance

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