Arthroscopic Os Trigonum Excision

  • Shuji HoribeEmail author
  • Keisuke Kita


We describe the arthroscopic technique of excision of symptomatic os trigonum using the posterolateral and the accessory posterolateral portals. With the patient prone, the posterolateral portal for # 4 mm arthroscope just lateral to the Achilles tendon 5 mm proximal to the tip of the fibula, and the accessory posterolateral portal just posterior to the peroneal tendon at the same level for instruments are used. After removing the fatty tissue and the joint capsule overlying the subtalar joint, the os trigonum can be recognized and is completely excised with a grasper to visualize the flexor hallucis longus tendon. Arthroscopic resection of the symptomatic os trigonum is a less invasive surgical technique with no risk of complications, and a shorter recovery period.


Achilles Tendon Plantar Flexion Neurovascular Structure Subtalar Joint Longus Tendon 
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