Groups Acting on Finitely Generated Commutative Rings

  • B. A. F. WehrfritzEmail author
Part of the Algebra and Applications book series (AA, volume 10)


Let G be a polycyclic group, b an ideal of the group ring Z G and A an abelian normal subgroup of G. Put R=Z G/b and let S denote the subring of R generated by the image of A. Then S is a finitely generated commutative ring and G acts on S by conjugation and normalizes the image of A. We wish to work by induction. It is not sufficient to know about the group rings Z(G/A) Z G/(A−1)Z G of G/A and Z A of A, say by induction on the Hirsch number. We also need to allow for how G acts on Z A and more generally on S. In this chapter we do the basic groundwork for this.


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