A New Framework for Productivity in Production Systems

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The pressure of the global market ... we all face increased competition for share. The fundamental key is the productivity of the system. All players in the industry are in the same race to become low cost producers, including manufacturers, our suppliers, and their suppliers, too. And each of us must do it while improving quality, because consumers require it (Alain Batty, CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, 2004). High levels of product personalization and quality standardization are essential requirements in current market conditions, in which prices are falling, and in which a new production paradigm for a production system has come into existence. The planning, management, and control of a production system are crucial activities requiring an integrated approach examining the internal features of available production resources and guiding their rational exploitation. Maintenance techniques play a major role in supporting research into productivity, and these very effective tools must be adopted by modern companies.


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