Clinical Outcomes for Biliary Tract Cancer

  • Yukihiro Yokoyama
  • Masato NaginoEmail author


Surgical treatment for biliary tract cancer is challenging. Biliary cancer originating from the perihilar region is especially difficult to treat, due to anatomical ­complexity at the hepatic hilus. However, in the past few decades there have been dramatic advancements with regard to diagnosis, surgical technique, and perioperative patients’ management for biliary tract cancer. These advancements have not only decreased the rate of postoperative morbidity and mortality but have also improved patients’ survival. The standard surgical procedure for hilar cholangiocarcinoma comprises major hepatectomy combined with caudate lobectomy and extrahepatic bile duct resection. This means that surgeons must overcome the complications accompanying this highly invasive surgery. In this regard, the innovation of portal vein embolization has substantially contributed to a decrease in the risk of major hepatectomy.


Biliary tract cancer Cancer of the biliary tract Management of biliary tract ­cancer Hilar cholangiocarcinoma Hepatectomy Portal vein embolization 


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