Complications of Portal Vein Embolization

  • Yoshihisa KodamaEmail author
  • Colette M. Shaw
  • David C. Madoff


Portal vein embolization (PVE) may be viewed as a tool used to improve the morbidity and mortality following major hepatectomy. While it is considered relatively safe, PVE is a complex procedure with potential complications. Adverse events may relate to the access approach or to the embolization procedure itself. Given that PVE is neither tumor-reductive nor does it guarantee hepatectomy, its technical and clinical success requires strict patient selection and careful pre-­procedure planning. The aim of this chapter is to review the etiology, clinical presentation, and management of complications associated with this procedure.


Portal vein embolization Complications Subcapsular hematoma Pseudoaneurysm of hepatic artery Hemothorax Portal vein thrombus 


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