Morphometric Imaging Techniques and the Functional Liver Remnant

  • Mathew M. Augustine
  • Ihab R. Kamel
  • Timothy M. PawlikEmail author


Surgical resection is the treatment of choice for select patients with primary and ­secondary hepatic malignancies. The goal of hepatic surgery is complete resection with preservation of sufficient liver parenchyma. Inadequate hepatic reserve can result in the development of hepatic dysfunction and failure. One parameter used to assess the adequacy of liver reserve is to measure the future liver remnant (FLR) volume. Accurate measurement of FLR is important not only as a surrogate marker for liver function, but also assists in the selection of patients for preoperative portal vein ­embolization (PVE). The preferred modality to provide accurate and reproducible measurements of FLR is computer tomography (CT) volumetry. CT volumetry measurements can be performed utilizing either manual or automated techniques. The measured FLR is standardized to the patient’s total liver volume (TLV), which is derived from the body surface area (BSA). Various equations have been derived that relate TLV to BSA. CT volumetry provides hepatic surgeons and radiologists an informed approach toward the surgical management of patients with complex liver disease.


Computer tomography (CT) volumetry Functional liver remnant Future liver remnant volume Morphometric imaging techniques and the functional liver ­remnant MRI of the liver 



Body Height


Body Surface Area


Body Weight


Colorectal Metastasis


Computed Tomography


CT Angioportograms


Future Liver Remnant


Functional Liver Volume


Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Indocyanine Green Clearance


International Normalized Ratio


Liver Volume


Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Portal Vein Embolization


Remnant Liver Volume


Standardized Future Liver Remnant


Total Liver Volume


Technetium-99 m Galactosyl Serum Albumin


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