Current Concepts of Anterior Urethral Pathology: Management and Future Directions

  • Altaf Mangera
  • Christopher R. Chapple
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The male urethra is approximately 20 cm in length and is divided into four sections; the short prostatic and membranous sections form the “posterior” urethra and the longer (approximately 15 cm) bulbar and penile sections form the “anterior” urethra. Therefore, the anterior urethra represents the urethra extending from the external urethral meatus back to the distal end of the distal sphincter mechanism. Commencing at the inferior surface of the perineal membrane, the corpus spongiosum is enlarged forming a “bulb.” Having pierced the perineal membrane the urethra enters this bulb and immediately changes direction almost 90° from downward to forward. The bulb narrows back to normal forming the corpus spongiosum on the ventral aspect of the penis. The urethra opens at the external urethral meatus at the tip of the glans penis. The anterior urethra has a segmental blood supply arising chiefly from the internal pudendal arteries, and venous drainage is likewise to the internal pudendal veins. Lymphatic drainage occurs to the internal iliac nodes.


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